SAICE Awards

Johannesburg, 16 July 2018-  Low Voltage Switchboards management would like to extend their appreciation towards the engineering department and everyone involved in the St Helena Airport Project. In November 2011 Basil Read was awarded a Design, Build and Operate (DBO) contract for the St. Helena Airport by the St. Helena Government. The project aims to provide air services to St. Helena Island to grow the economy through increased tourism.


LVS was appointed as Turn-Key EC&I contractor for both the BFI and the AFF. We are proud to announce that Basil Read has been recognised and awarded by the SAICE (South African Institution of Civil Engineering) for the St Helena Project.


The opening of the airport and the anticipated moderate influx of visitors to the island; tourism is set to be an important source of employment and foreign earnings for the Saints. The island’s low volume, high quality approach to tourism will not only create exciting opportunities for the local tourism and hospitality industry, but also create stronger local demand by attracting foreign investment in other growth industries.

We would once again like to congratulate Blythe Barker and everyone involved for their contribution and dedication to making access to and from St Helena Island so much easier and efficient for the Saints.