Low Voltage Switchboards


GFM-126 Gas-Insulated Switchgear

GFM-126 gas-insulated switchgear takes SF6 gas, with excellent insulation performance, as insulation and arc extinguishing mediums to combine all components except for transformer in the substation, such as busbar, disconnector/earth switch, breaker, measurement and protection CT. Lightning arrestor, high speed earth switch, cable connector and other high-voltage devices by modular construction is a combination unit, sealed in metal shell which is full of SF6 gas.

GIS is featured by high reliability, non-pollution, and convenient maintenance, long usage period while requiring small land, which cannot be realized by most traditional air insulated switchgear. GFM-126 also integrates intelligent technologies required by current intelligent substation, and blends electronic CT, merging unit, intelligent terminal, and on-line state monitoring to satisfy the requirements of IEC 61850 standard.


VEP series MV embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker is a next-generation full range medium voltage breaker jointly developed by German and Chinese technical experts.


Indoor metal-enclosed A.C. switchgear is a medium-voltage central switch cabinet developed by Xiamen Huadian Switchgear under the leadership of senior medium-voltage switchgear experts of China and Germany. It has reached advanced world standard and passed full set of type tests of National Centre for quality monitoring of high-voltage electrical apparatus and Germany IPH Test Station.

It integrates advanced design concept to employ the latest sensor and computer technology in addition to conventional functions, realizing online detection of running status of switch cabinet and breaker; to monitor the equipment conditions in real time, detect incipient faults in advance and satisfy customer demands for overhaul and maintenance. Therefore, it is more reliable in power supply and costly for overhaul and maintenance.


GFP-126 self-energy double-room SF6 breaker, researched and developed with great efforts by high-voltage switchgear experts of Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co Ltd is the latest high-voltage power substation equipment with the rated voltage of 145kV, the maximum rated current of 3150A, and the rated short-circuit breaking current of 40kA, which makes use of computer simulation & analysis technology on airflow, arc plasma of modern SF6 breaker based on the current newest high-voltage SF6 breaker. GFP-126 is used for opening and closing rated operating current, fault current or switching lines to fulfil protection, control and operation of power system, as well as operation of rapid automatic three-phase reclosing. GFP-126 high-voltage AC breaker also integrates intelligent technologies required by current intelligent substation, and blends electronic mutual inductor, merging unit, intelligent terminal, and on-line state monitoring functions to satisfy the requirements of IEC61850 standard.